Although I have had to deal with a lot of comments of all kinds because I read Fifty Shades of Grey, and I’ve read it twice, I still love the books!
The big joke that my friend and I share is that when the book was first released, I thought it was a self help book. The main reason was that I am such a black and white kind of person that I thought it would teach me how to be more grey.
So it turns out that the book is not a self help book at all but the title is still my inspiration.
A large amount of people who read this blog are also so black and white and in serious need of help with the grey. So I decided that I needed to come up with my own fifty shades of grey. Well I came up with ten which is a good start and I would like to spend some time each week focusing on another shade of grey.
If you getting confused reading this, grey is about not focusing on extremes. You are not an angel, you are not a devil.  You are not perfect, you are not a failure. We tend to think that if you are not one, then you have to be the other. No you don’t! There are ten (for now) shades of grey inbetween.
So let’s start with shade one:
People with extreme personalities feel that they need to be busy in order to feel valuable. And when they have time to relax, they either feel guilty or do something to fill the time. So many women in particular tell me that when they decide to relax in their lounge, they look around them and then start to notice things that need doing or cleaning that HAS to be done.
If you don’t take breaks, your body ends up helping you to take a break by making you sick. Ask me, I know!
Don’t wait until you burn out or get sick to take time off because then you won’t enjoy it at all.
Learn to take breaks and enjoy them, learn to take breaks and not feel guilty. And learn to take breaks and not feel worthless or purposeless because you are so, so worth it!