We live in a very material and very media orientated world.
This teaches us to think that success is only about fame, fortune and financial gain.
And if we look at the world like that all the time, and we are not rich and famous and nobody knows who we are, and we don’t have thousands of friends on Facebook, we don’t wear branded clothing, we don’t drive the newest model of flashy car or use the latest cellphone to chat to those thousands of friends then obviously, we fail!
But by thinking that way, you don’t give yourself the opportunity to look at how successful you really are.
Everyday that you get out of bed and smile, you’re successful. Everyday that you turn up at work when your instinct is to run away, you are successful. Every time you  choose not to lose your temper, or to keep quiet when you want to scream, you are successful.
You can be so successful if you work at being you.
There are always going to be people who seem more successful, happier and richer. Instead of hating them or being jealous of them or spending energy wishing it was you, or even worse, spending time resenting that person, look inwards and work on you. Be true to you. Be genuine. Smile. Enjoy and celebrate the small things.
You are already a success, just keep moving forward and you will shine!