We live in such a competitive world that I think that, unfortunately, compliments are rare.
Everyone is so self absorbed or so selfish that they are quite unlikely to stop and tell you how well you are doing, or thank you for something that you did for them.
Stop waiting for somebody else to do something for you, or to notice you.
Notice yourself, compliment yourself.
You are so worthy of praise, so don’t wait around for someone else to give to you.
You may be waiting for too long.
Being kind to yourself doesn’t necessarily give you permission to go on an expensive shopping spree (OK, maybe it does). Being kind to yourself means recognising the amazing things that you are achieving everyday. Even if it is in tiny little baby steps forward. It is still stepping forwards, in the right direction, and nobody else might recognise this except for you.
If you are going through a rough time, give yourself time and space to heal. You don’t need to be in a good space everyday. There are times when life is not going to feel like it is treating you well. So it’s not treating you well, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat you well.
There is no reward for pushing yourself too hard.
When you learn to give yourself space, reward yourself, compliment yourself, you will feel so much better about you!
Yay you! Just keep moving forward, you are doing great.