I am sitting at a restaurant with my kids having a (partly) leisurely lunch with my kids on a Thursday afternoon. Why? Because I can!
After a very stressful morning at work, the last thing I feel like doing is working. And even though I have deadlines looming closer, I know that forcing myself to work when I am already stressed and overworked is not going to be productive.
So that leads me to part 4 of finding the grey – making time for relaxation.
In our busy, stressful lives we forget that relaxation is not only important but is actually a necessity for our sanity.
You are not going to achieve anything if you burn out because you don’t think that relaxation is part of working. And the brilliant companies out there realise this. They value creating time and space for their employees to relax because they understand that a happy, relaxed employee is going to be more productive, take less sick leave and be more loyal to the company.
Yes, I can sense most of you rolling your eyes because the only reason you are reading this blog is because your job is so stressful and your company is so uncaring.
So that leaves the responsibility of relaxation time up to you! Sorry, but it does.
Find time in your day for relaxation – in the beginning it may seem impossible but if you get into the habit of making time to relax, it gets easier.
Try deep breathing exercises at your desk; start a yoga or stretching group at lunch time;  take a 10 minute walk during your tea break;  meet somebody for a chat about non-work related issues; eat energising food for lunch; take a 5 minute relaxation session away from your desk.
Unchain those invisible chains that bind you to your desk or your computer or those piles of paperwork.  Not taking a break is not going to get it done, it is going to take you longer to get it done!
Think about your plan for relaxation over the weekend and then on Monday – start getting your relaxation time sorted and watch how things improve.
You deserve a break – take it!