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We are constantly being bombarded with questions like “what are your goals?” “where do you see yourself in two years time?”
“where are you going?” “what are your plans?” and something that I learned from my husband “what are your deliverables?”
Truthfully, I don’t even know what deliverables are, and it’s probably a good thing that I don’t work  in the corporate world!
Does anyone ever ask you if you’re happy now, or for that matter, do you ever ask yourself if you are happy now.
Because we are so focused on the future and where we might be going, and how potentially scary that future is that we forget to stop and focus on where we are now.
We forget to pause and just be, just to enjoy the moment that we’re in.
There are absolutely no guarantees for the future.  So why are we waiting for the future in order to be happy?
We are waiting to be richer or older or wiser.
Who says that we can’t be rich or wise now (I’m not really interested in the older part). We are rich in love, or family, in passion or in spirit.  We are wise because we have experienced so many more things than a lot of people have in our lifetimes.
And every single moment, for every single step that you take (whether it is backward or forward, but we’ll deal with that in a later post)  we are learning and growing.
Don’t forget to stop and enjoy that moment because it is all about you and the person that you are becoming.
And you are amazing!