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Meditation is said to be really good for you for a number of reasons. One being that it can increase your ability to focus on mindfulness (focusing on the present rather than worry about the past or the future). Another good reason to meditate is that has been proven to improve physical as well as mental health including reducing blood pressure, calming you and improving your immune system.
Well that is quite a lovely thing. Only one problem (actually probably a lot more than one, but I’ll deal with the one that I encounter the most often). Type A personalities typically battle to meditate because they have problems with allowing their minds to slow down.They are also very analytical people and deal with problems by analysing them rather than just letting them be. They will even analyse why they can’t relax.

Now for the good news: research has shown that when someone is doing something creative, from drawing, painting and pottery to poetry, knitting and baking, their brain waves are the same as somebody’s who is meditating.In other words being creative has the same physical and emotional benefits as meditating does. Well that is brilliant news for someone like me who would rather be doodling than “om-ing”.The more analytical you are, the more you worry, the more you feel stressed.Today, choose to do something creative rather than analytical. This may mean that you have to step a bit (or a lot) out of your comfort zone.

Today I did a group session where we created journals and used collage technique to make the covers. For some people, it was difficult to get started. They got overwhelmed by the task and some people were just scared to even try because of fear of failure. They told me things like “I’m not creative” or “The last time I did this was in junior school). But once they started, they didn’t want to stop. And the journals that they created were beautiful which surprised some of them!

Try it yourself. Get out of your head for a little while and just let your hands work for you.Even if you are not sure what you’re doing.

Just try it! You may just be surprised at how relaxed you become!