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I was watching the amazing pride of Britain awards this week and between tears and laughter, I was so inspired by the people that were on the show. Truthfully, the only reason I wanted to watch it in the beginning was to try to spot Jayne Torvill.
But then very quickly, I became more and more inspired by the stories unfolding in front of me.
The brilliant thing about these people’s stories is that the majority of them have had to overcome huge obstacles in order to become the heroes that they are today.
So I started thinking about why that happens. Why do we wait for tragedy or difficulty before we do anything big?
Why can’t we just do it now? Dream big, and do great things now.
When we have our health and things seem to be working out well for us, then we just settle back into our comfort zones. Not doing anything new, not trying anything exciting, not taking any risks.
Life becomes comfortable until something happens that rocks our foundations and makes us sit up and do something about it.

Hopefully none of you have a life threatening condition, well except for that tricky condition called life but you have experienced hardships in many forms. Some people face hardships and choose to do something amazing with their lives, often helping others while they are doing this. Other people choose to wallow in misery, and choose to remain victims.
Most of you reading this have had to overcome your difficulties which makes it more possible for you to do things that you had never dreamed possible!
Perhaps that is the very reason that we go through difficulties, challenges and downright revolting times. So that we can rise above it.
Don’t wait for change.
Gandhi famously said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”
Don’t wait for people to make things better, make them better yourself.
You can, you will and you do!