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Back to my Shades of Grey and the eighth one is realising that:

Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forwards.

 It sounds confusing and downright topsy turvy and here’s the problem:

People who have “black and white type personalities” feel that if they’re going forwards, then they are doing great and being successful;  and if they’re going backwards, then they are failing.

But what about the miles and miles of grey road between backwards and forwards?

Because we like control (sometimes even freakishly), we have a plan for what our goals should be and what we want to achieve.

And then we insist on getting to the end point, always moving forward, always having control, as fast as possible.

What if your forward is actually the wrong way?

What if backwards is the right way?

The thing is that you just don’t see it at the time.  So when you find yourself suddenly going in the “wrong direction” you start panicking because it is not part of the plan.

The plan may be for you to go backwards, it may be for you to try something new or learn a new skill through experiences that you would never have otherwise had if you were always moving “forward”.

Be open to the journey that life takes you on.

It is not always going to be enjoyable (ask me, I know) and it is not always going to be easy.  There are times when you will feel like giving up and times when you want to go back.

Be prepared to enjoy the ride because when you get to the end (no, I am not talking about death here), you will be able to see why you needed to be on that journey.

Your journey will be amazing if you just let it be!