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The ongoing saga of the loss of the great tree…
As much as it upset me to see that tree fall, and believe me it was painful to watch, and it seemed to fight a good fight taking a full week before it finally succumbed, something good came from the whole situation
I was being overly dramatic and emotional about it but the change forced me to see the light. Literally.
As much as I loved the privacy and the greenery that the tree provided, we never had a clear view of the sky.
And suddenly in all its glory, there was the sky. Our house is lighter and brighter and we can watch the sun rising in the morning and the moon rising in the evening.
I can laugh at myself when I think about how stressed I was about that tree.
A tree that I had no control over. Yes, I miss the tree, but it has gone. There is nothing that I can do to bring it back.
Doesn’t life do just that to us?
You get into a comfort zone where everything is familiar and you feel in control of things and then suddenly, Bam! Something happens that throws everything out of your control.
And that is going to make you feel helpless and miserable.
For a while.
And then you see the light!
Maybe this change was forced on you because you were too scared to do it yourself.  We can fight change as much as we like but life has a way of making sure that you don’t stay too comfortable.

Even depression forces you to change.  I see depression as a blessing in disguise because when you are at your lowest, you have nothing to lose and change becomes so much less scary.  And when you are at your lowest, you can’t see the bigger picture.  The fact that all of those things that seemed so terrible before have become small in comparison to the battles that you are going through right now. You realise that you are a survivor!
Try to embrace change, as difficult as it may be.
Something far greater and much more exciting may be waiting for you around the corner if you are brave enough to go and take a look.
Keep being brave, keep moving forward.
I know you can do it!