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Not a week goes by where somebody that I am treating in therapy doesn’t tell me how great they are going to be. They tell me about the book that they are going to write and the music that they are going to make.  And my reply to them is always the same – great, please bring me a signed copy of your autobiography, anthology of poetry, self help book, CD (delete which is not applicable).

I am not being sarcastic (okay, maybe sometimes I am a bit), I would truly love for everybody to do what they say they would. But if they did, my house would be filled with books – all with inscribed title pages.

And believe it or not, nobody has ever brought anything signed for me – until today!

Now I own a prized possession of a signed CD! The musician knows who he is, and he knows how proud I am of him.


So, maybe we aren’t all going to be great musicians or even musicians at all.  We may not all become writers and most likely we won’t walk with the likes of EL James.

But the important thing is that you don’t ever give up on what you believe you can do.

Don’t let the mistakes or the ghosts of your past determine your future – don’t look back, choose to move forward.

You need to keep on putting one foot in front of another – you may have no idea where you are going, but you need to make sure that you are on your way to getting there, whatever there is.

The optimism of Dory in Finding Nemo was evident especially because of her motto of “just keep swimming”. That attitude kept her going even though she wasn’t the smartest or most talented fish in the ocean.

keep swimming

When you feel lost or unsure of yourself, when you are uncertain of the path that you should follow, when you feel scared – just keep on swimming. Keep on walking (preferably without the help of Johnny Walker).

One step at a time will get you to the place that you are meant to be.

And you have no idea right now how truly amazing that place could be.