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Okay, I’ll admit it, a lot of what I am going to say in the next few lines is me trying to convince myself that I’m doing the right thing.
You see, I’m bidding on something on eBay that is beyond my budget (make that way beyond my budget when bidding closes).
And while I am in no ways advocating that you should be financially irresponsible, I think that you should also live in the moment.  Enjoy the moment while you are in the moment.
Because as far as I know, you only get one shot at life, so you might as well make it a good one.
It is enough of saying one day and maybe, it is enough of putting things off.
Life is for living, so now is a good time to start doing it.
In the brilliant Rob Reiner movie The Bucket List, the protagonist in the film had written a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died. And he set out to do it!

In case you haven’t heard it yet, we are all going to die tomorrow. (Though as I write this, it is already tomorrow in New Zealand). Well that theory is according to the Mayans who are not even alive anymore to tell us why they came up with that idea.
I am not that worried about the end of the world. Mainly because I don’t have any control over it. If it ends, well then so be it. And if it doesn’t end then we have at least one more day to get on with our bucket lists.
Is there something that you really want to do?
Is there something that you really need to say?
Get going with it! Don’t wait, or if you have to wait for whatever reason you think is appropriate (and I am not talking about procrastination here – yes you!), then at least start making solid, realistic plans for your great life.
There are so many wonderful things to do yet we put them off. For fear, for lack of money, for lack of resources.

And I am off to check my bank balance – I’ll let you know the outcome next week – yes, I believe that I’ll still be here next week.

Be brave enough to change the idea of being stuck, of not seeing life as an adventure.  Do something meaningful now.
You deserve it, you really do!