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Okay, so we’ve been happy new year-ish and filled with or without resolutions and now we move onto the next plan for 2013.

Say YES!

A lot of times we so NO to opportunities because we are afraid of what might happen, or how we will cope, or how our lives will change. So we don’t change.

That makes sense, don’t you think?  If we don’t have to change then we can manage our lives because we know exactly how our lives work and what is going to happen.

Lovely plan but totally wrong. The thing is that we have no guarantees that life won’t change for us whether we like it or not.  And if it doesn’t change and we do nothing proactive to change it, then life is going to be boring and uninteresting (insert yawn).

If you say yes to new opportunities, to new experiences, new friendships, new relationships and new paths, you may open up some amazing and exciting things that you never even knew that you could achieve.


Don’t say yes to everything!  Never say yes if you are feeling used or abused.  Never say yes because you think it is what somebody else wants to hear. And never say yes just to please somebody or because you think that it will make them happy without considering how it will make you feel.

And although you should try to be brave, you don’t need to say yes things that absolutely terrify you.  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to dive with sharks – without a cage. Simple answer: No, Thank you!

But this year, try to create new experiences for yourself, travel on the path less traveled.  Try things that you have always wanted to do.  Open new doors, create new pathways for yourself.

You can do this, you really can – and thanks and credit to Barak Obama, we can all shout out loud:

“Yes we can!”