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The wonderful people at @Tastyones (please visit them) posted a recipe on twitter for a two ingredient cake and I very excitedly volunteered to make it and report on it (well, it has chocolate in it, so what’s not to like?). It originally comes from Kirby Cravings which is a brilliant place to visit too.  But me being who I am, I had to modify the recipe so here is my version:


240g Nutella

4 eggs

My method:

Heat the Nutella to soften it (though in summer with the heat that we are currently experiencing, that is probably not necessary).  If you let it get too hot, let it cool down before using it.

Seperate the eggs and whisk the yolks until light.

Beat the whites until stiff (seems like I am always beating things!)

Now gently mix the Nutella into the yolks until well combined – but don’t beat this.

Gently fold the egg whites into this mixture (I did it in 4 batches) so that it is well mixed but still light and fluffy.

Pour into a prepared springform pan (the smallest that you have – this is not a huge cake) – the smallest one that I own is a 25cm one so I got quite a flat cake! Try to use a smaller one for a less pancake looking cake.

Bake at 175° C for about 25 minutes

Wait until the cake is cool before removing it and serve with ice cream and some chocolate sauce.

Would you like a slice?

Would you like a slice?

The verdict:

Husband: “This is not cake. Quite boring!”

Kids: “Absolutely delicious! Can we have some more?”

Me: I would definitely make it again as a dessert but for chocolate cake – I prefer the real deal – the one with a few more ingredients!

The best 2 ingredient version with Nutella - Take Nutella, add spoon, eat!

The best 2 ingredient version with Nutella – Take Nutella, add spoon, eat!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.