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This week something wonderful and unexpected happened to me.

It was not life changing or earth shattering but it was still wonderful and I wanted to shout from the rooftops and let everybody know about this wonderful thing.


The green eyed monster stares back at you

The green eyed monster stares back at you

Not a minute later, did somebody find out about it and was already giving me the third degree about it, asking me all kinds of ridiculous questions. And that was just the beginning – and I guess this is where social networking can get complicated, because I could read things that people were saying about me.

So there I was, happy as anything with not many people sharing my happiness but rather having a good old gossip about why I should be so “lucky” or the worst question in the world, the question that we can very rarely answer – “why?”

Firstly – it had nothing to do with luck – I created the opportunity myself and while I never expected a reaction to what I did, I was thrilled that there was one.

Secondly, I have no control over other people – I did what I thought was right – what felt right to me – and I had no idea how anybody would react.

I basically got a full day’s version of jealousy in all shapes and forms.  The plain truth is that if I was in somebody else’s shoes, I would have been jealous of me too.  What is jealousy all about?  It is certainly not about you, it is all about the other person.  It brings about feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and self doubt in them.  Whenever we have negative feelings towards somebody else, it is always a reflection of ourselves – our own short comings and issues with ourselves.  And it is much easier to be angry and jealous than it is to look inward and ask ourselves what we can do to be a better person.

So many of you have negative, destructive, abusive people in your lives, and there is a good chance that the only reason that they are that way is because they are jealous of you or threatened by you.

And isn’t that great news for you?

If you can look beyond the negativity and back at yourself – at your strengths and your abilities that are threatening to that person, then you can start to feel really good about yourself.

And you will come to realise that you are honoured to have people who are jealous of you – because it is a sure sign that you are doing well.  Even better, that you are doing great.

Keep on being who you are and don’t let anybody else’s opinions of you matter.  Keep on being wonderful and individual!

You are great!