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Do you trust your gut instinct?
And what exactly is a gut instinct?

So, this whole month, I’ve had a horrible nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m making a mistake in something that I’ve been doing.
And I chose to ignore that feeling because, well maybe it’s my stubbornness or my over analytic way of thinking, or more likely it is my non thinking impulsive behaviour that causes me to do the things that I do.
But guess what? My gut feel was right and I made a royal mess up and now I have to deal with the consequences.
It could have been worse (well, that’s what I’m telling myself) but it could have been totally avoided if I had listened to that gut feel in the first place.

What is a gut feel? Some call it instinct, some call it intuition, others call it sixth sense.
The Heartmath institute has done research to show that gut feel, or whatever you choose to call it, is the innate feeling that is held in our hearts. Yes,our hearts, not our heads. And I guess that is where the idea of listening to your heart comes from.
When we listen to what our head says, we are using our analytical thinking and always thinking about consequences and what ifs.  When we use our hearts, we go with our feelings.
A lot of people ask me whether going with your feelings doesn’t cause you to have more problems because you haven’t made time to think it through.
In most cases it doesn’t.  Your feelings are generally more accurate than your thoughts.
And what if you make a mistake?
Well then you know what not to do. It is a lesson.  And in my case, an expensive one so I call it school fees. Money that you had to spend (ok, lose) in order to learn something that will hopefully be a lesson for life.

Trust yourself, trust your feelings, trust what feels right for you.
It will be so worth it in the end!