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Does it ever feel like you are never going to get through the day? Or that you are never going to cope with what life is throwing at you at the moment?
Time is an amazing thing though, it passes whether you like it or not.  And like the late, great Freddy Mercury said, “Time waits for nobody”.
Sometimes time seems to speed by and other times it goes too slowly. That perception is all a reflection of what you are going through at the time.
When I look at my baby and realise that he is almost 10 years old, it is difficult to imagine where that time went.  Yet when he really was a baby, those endless sleepless nights seemed to last a lifetime.

The thing is that no matter how difficult your life seems to be at the moment, this too shall pass.  I know that sometimes you can’t even start to imagine ever feeling happy again, or ever coping again.
But you will!
How do I know that you will?
Because everybody gets better, everybody eventually copes.
Don’t worry about the how or the why or the when.
Allow yourself to be in the moment.  To say that right now I don’t feel like I am managing but I know that this is not going to be forever. And it is OK not to be OK because not being OK is not going to be forever.
And when you are happy again, and content with your life, please don’t worry about when that will pass.
Just be, just let life take you on the journey that it is meant to take you on.
For most of us, that journey is going to be one big, scary rollercoaster ride. But if we are it, we might as well ride it!
Let’s do it!