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As much as I love and embrace my religion, when it comes to this time of the year – Passover, I seriously question my sanity.
We literally turn our houses upside down, clean every nook and cranny and then change everything in our kitchen for one week. And when it is all over, we change everything back again.
The truth is that I take it totally overboard. Because that is what I do, I like control and order. It makes me happy.
So there I was cleaning away and thinking that while we spend so much time cleaning and getting our houses in order, how much time do we spend getting our souls and our minds in order.
Do we ever do anything to cleanse our souls? Mostly we don’t because we are so busy just trying to survive life and get everything done that we forget about nurturing ourselves, we forget about the simple things that make us happy.
We forget to throw away all the negativity and all the hurt that we carry with us wherever life takes us.
We tend to wait until we reach some kind of crisis before we wake up and say, oh! I should have done something for me. Or I should have nurtured myself rather than pushed myself to a point of burn out.
Just like I waited way too long to defrost my freezer and last night I had to contend with huge chunks of ice (which shouldn’t really bother an ice skater should it?), if you wait too long before clearing out your mind of that build up of negativity, you are going to have deal with the huge build up of issues and it is going to take much longer to “defrost”

So whether you are celebrating the festival of Passover, which represents freedom or Easter, full of the joys of “spring”, or you find any other reason to celebrate, choose to take some time for “cleaning out”.
Let go, feel free and start to move forwards with a new attitude!
You have so much more to offer yourself if you allow it!