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This week I took two days off work because it was a Jewish holiday.
The first day was really great and I relaxed and ate a lot of cheesecake (recipe to follow) and ice cream with hot chocolate sauce (the ultimate in ice cream eating, in my opinion).
On the second day, I woke up feeling anxious because I had time to think too much – time to think about my life.
There is no doubt in my mind that I am blessed with many things and I have an amazing job that I really enjoy but….
There always seems to be a but.
But life is boring – it is about work and family responsibilities and more work and more responsibilities.
And if I think too much about it, I have this need to run away from it all.
I fantasize about living in a hut on a beach with no responsibilities and no cares.  Nothing to do except catch a fish for my dinner and stare at the beautiful view.
Then reality hits and I realise that unless I get a billionaire to sponsor my lifestyle, this really isn’t going to happen.
And more importantly, knowing myself, I would probably manage for a few days (and possibly even a few hours) before I got bored and wished that I was back in the rat race.

What worries me is that whenever I tell anyone how I feel, the majority of people that I speak to feel the same way.
All living these lives of routine and responsibility and all wishing that we could get away from it all.
So here is the good news:
You can!
It may not be about living on a tropical island (where truthfully, your little hut may blow over in a tropical storm) but it is about bringing change and difference to your life.
It may be as simple as just doing something different each day – like eating your lunch in a different place (step away from that desk!).
Think about volunteering somewhere to do something that is going to make you feel like you are contributing with purpose.
Do something exciting in the evenings instead of just sitting in front of the TV.
Treat yourself to a massage.
Change your hair colour.
The options are endless.

My challenge to you this week is to find something different to do, and commit to it.
You deserve this!