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I was really blessed to work with somebody a few weeks ago who became my “teacher”.  I was meant to be his “teacher” (therapist) and he was psychotic but his insights and small teachings were so valuable (even though most of them came from the quotes printed on sugar packets).

This particular person was watching me trying to convince people that they needed to attend therapy and I was fighting a losing battle with some of those people.  He noticed that I was getting stressed and he pulled me aside and said “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear!”  ~ Buddha

And he was so right!  About the concept but not about the quote because apparently Buddha didn’t say anything of the sort. (www.fakebuddhaquotes.com) – an interesting site to visit by the way. Fake or real, it doesn’t really matter because it is the truth.  It is something that is really worth remembering and embracing.

How much time do we spend trying to fight with people to get them to listen to us?  You know that you are fighting a losing battle but you continue to do it because you know that you are right (or you think that you are right) and you want people to hear you.  You want to help people.  You may have amazing things to share, you may want people to understand you and all your wonderous teachings and experiences but…. they may not be in the right space to listen!

People will only listen and will only change when they are ready.

Don’t take it personally because it is not about you!  Let them go, let it go and when they are ready, they will listen.  But you can’t make them ready.

If you have something that you really feel that you need to share, just do that something quietly, live with truth and value and you will positively influence those people who are ready for it!  Those people that are not ready will learn in their own time – you may not be their teacher.  When you realise this, you start to live with more peace.