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Inspired by the great Happsters and their Happy note a day challenge – www.happsters.com – I decided to start a new project this week.

I made thank you cards and decided to distribute them (with a lollipop) to people that I thought really deserved them – people who did great jobs but often don’t get acknowledged or even noticed for the work that they do.

blog pics 001I gave them to cleaners and security guards. I gave them to nurses, policemen and receptionists.

The response was really great and some people were so touched that they were being recognised (and who doesn’t like some positive feedback with a little gift added?)

blog pics 002The added benefit for me, and one that I didn’t even count on, was the effect that it had on me! Firstly, it feels good to give and to make somebody’s day. But more importantly for me, I am not a fan of Mondays so I decided to start my project on a Monday morning. I had something to look forward to – a new project to get my week going instead of the usual Monday routine.

Ultimately it was so, so worth it and I am certainly going to continue – so smile at me and you may just find yourself a recipient of my happiness and gratitude gift!