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How important is it to eat pizza?  Or chocolate, or any of the other junk food that you are craving?
Well, that all depends on whether you’re looking for a physical, psychological or spiritual answer.
Generally if you crave foods, your body is telling you something.  If you want a really good biological explanation for the craving, you could say that your body is deficient in some “nutrient” and that is why you are having cravings.  So you want pizza because you need carbohydrates, needing chocolate means that you’re low on serotonin levels.  Chilli? You need endorphins to make you feel happy…. Sugar? You’re probably low on energy and your blood sugar levels may even be low.

I could probably go on but there is no need to.  Cravings are more likely to be psychological.  You want to eat something because it makes you feel better.  It fills the psychological hole of emptiness, despair, loneliness, frustration or anger and makes you feel better for that moment.  And yet, I have never met a person who craves lettuce when they are stressed.  (If you are that person, let me know). I actually do crave salad sometimes but it is not really the salad but rather the dressing and the fancy toppings (not the lettuce) that I want!

I prefer the “spiritual” reason.  I want pizza because it makes me happy.  I want pizza because.. I want pizza.  I want to eat with my hands and watch the cheese pull into strings off the tomato-ey base.  I want something that I didn’t cook.  I want an evening off with no cooking and cleaning duties.  I want to dream of Italy.  I want to be more passionate….

Is pizza, chocolate or any other junk food good for us? No!  Is it important to sometimes just do something purely for pleasure? Yes!  Definitely!
Life shouldn’t always have to be serious, or healthy.  We shouldn’t have to have valid, scientifically proven reasons for everything that we do.
My favourite quote about pizza is from the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It goes like this:
“I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair.”

Maybe we should all begin having an affair with life.  Loving and appreciating the things that we do, loving the blessings that we have in abundance but that we forget to notice because we take life too seriously.
Go out and (sorry Nike) just do it!