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Let me tell you about the one thing that I love about winter…
Boots! And coats! OK, that’s two things and that is two of my (many) weaknesses.
I am not a fan of the cold – which is an interesting thing for an ex-skater to say, I know – but I love the opportunity that it gives me to get out my boots and my coats.  Those are the things that sit at the back of my cupboard and I stare longingly at all through summer.
I have brown boots and I have black boots but the boots that I love most are bright, bubble gum pink.  They are most likely totally inappropriate for somebody my age but they make me feel young and happy.  They make me feel like dancing.
I read a great quote this week by Harry Winston who said, “People will stare.  Make it worth their while.”
So if people stare at my pink boots, I’ll flaunt them!  And maybe I’ll even add a little skip to my step.
We should all take the time to enjoy the little things in life.  I promise you that if I am in a bad mood, I almost instantly feel better when I am wearing those boots.  And I won’t even go into what happens when I wear my red coat.

Don’t worry about what people say about you;  or how they look at you;  or how they treat you.
You are ‘you-nique’ and you should not be afraid to be different.
There is room for every individual in this world.  And that includes you!
People will only stare or talk or wonder because they are intimidated by your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge, your beauty or just  your sheer brilliance.
And the only reason that they are intimidated is because they doubt themselves.  It is their own low self esteem that is the problem.  Not yours!
Go out, be you.
And enjoy it!