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While I think that a bit of fear can be a good thing – because it motivates us to get going and get things done, a lot of fear or constant fear has the ability to absolutely paralyse us.
Fear can really stop you from reaching your full potential to be the person that you are meant to be.
Fighting fear is one way of dealing with it but can be pointless and unproductive.  It is the same as if you are afraid of the dark and you try to deal with your fear by sitting in a dark room all on your own when you could just switch on a light…. Aha! A real lightbulb moment!

So here are my ”lightbulb” suggestions for dealing with fear:
1.  Do not become your fear.  It is not your personality, you are so much more than your fear.
2.  Believe in the real you, not the person that you think that you are – that is often a negative perception of yourself, that nasty little inner voice that keeps on whispering doubts in your mind.
3.  Think big!  Don’t be afraid of success, don’t be afraid of the giant in you that is waiting to burst out.
4.  Try new things.  You never know what you can or can’t do until you try.   Follow every opportunity, open new doors. You may even surprise yourself by doing things that you could not have even imagined a few years ago.
5.  Make mistakes matter.  Rather than beating yourself up about all the things that you shouldn’t have done, learn from your mistakes!  The only way you know what you can’t do is to discover that by actually doing those things.
6.  Step out of the “box”.  Whether it is your parents or your peers, your culture or your environment, or even yourself that puts you in a box, get out! Nobody belongs in a box.
7. Don’t wait for one day to get things done.  Today is just as good a time to be brave, maybe even better than ‘one day’ that  might not come.
8. Change your self talk from “no, I can’t” or “Maybe I might be able to” to “YES I CAN!”
9. Everybody started at the beginning.  If you are at the beginning and you’ve taken one step, then you are well on your way to being successful. Lots of people are afraid to even take that first step.
10.  Just remember, and always remember this: You are amazing!