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It’s amazing how things happen when you need a wake up call to shake you out of life’s dreariness and humdrum existence.
I was blessed enough to receive a wake up call a few days ago.

I was feeling was feeling unwell and generally just feeling sorry for myself. I decided that I would leave work early and rather mope around at home, so I got to my car and guess what was waiting for me? Nothing else but a flat tyre!  My initial thought was just to sit on the floor and cry but I quickly realised that sitting on the floor and crying was not going to solve my problem.  Before I knew it, there was a team of people willing to help and it didn’t take long before the spare tyre was in place.  And then I realised that my spare tyre was pretty much flat as well!  I won’t bore you with the details but I eventually got home safely and amazingly I felt energised and not very sick at all!
The power of the mind is amazing.  I went from feeling sick and sorry for myself to feeling like I could deal with anything!  Something going wrong actually energised me and motivated me to have a different approach to life.

The reality is that we shouldn’t need these wake up calls to make us grateful for what we have or to make us do something differently. But we do.  We worry unnecessarily and forget what we have until something comes along and reminds us.  And hopefully reminds us in a gentle way.  But sometimes life gives us a big fat kick in the butt.  And that kick forces you to make the changes that you’ve been so scared to do.

I will never forget a person that I treated years ago who was afraid to change her job that she hated.  She constantly put off changing because she was afraid and she was in a comfort zone.  After resisting change for a long time, she was fired from her job and she started a new job that fulfills her in ways that she never even imagined!
Hopefully you don’t wait for that big kick to motivate you to change.
Sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction – a chance to give that little voice of your inner self some attention.  The one that says that you can do more and be more and just be wonderful!