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Today I have a challenge for you.
First read this paragraph from The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyenga:

“You are a hard working person.  Others don’t always appreciate that about you because you’re not able to meet everyone’s expectations.  But when something really matters to you, you put forth your best effort.
No, you’re not always successful by conventional measures, but that’s okay because you’re not someone who sets too much store by what the average person thinks.  You believe certain rules and standards exist for good reason,  so you don’t go out of your way to defy them,  but what you really rely on to guide you is your strong inner compass.  This strength isn’t necessarily visible to others, and they may underestimate your resourcefulness, but sometimes you surprise even yourself with your abilities.  You enjoy learning new things, but you don’t think all education has to take place in a formal environment or have a specific purpose.  You would like to be able to do more for the less fortunate, but even when you can’t, you are caring and considerate in your own way.  Life has dealt you a few harsh blows, but you’ve pulled through and you intend to keep up your spirits.  You know that if you stay focused and confident, your efforts will bear fruit.  In fact, a special opportunity is about to present itself  in either your personal or your professional life.  If you watch out for it and pursue it fully, you will achieve your goal!”

Has she described you perfectly or quite closely?
There is a good chance that she has because she states that we are all not as unique as we would like to think.
And while there is probably a lot of truth to this, I think that it proves that most of us are inherently just good people who try our best in life… Who have to overcome difficulties and who are always trying to better our lives and achieve our goals.
Well done! You are not a psychopath!

So here’s the challenge.  Now that we know what makes us similar to almost everybody else, what makes you different?
What makes you stand out in a crowd?
What are you passionate about?
Could you write a paragraph that describes only you?
I think that I it is an exercise worth doing. ( And I would like to add that what probably makes me just a bit more unique is that I write this while I’m wearing red shoes!)

red shoes
Give it a go and let me know the outcome.