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I am an expert in therapy but you are an expert in you!
And while I am here to help you and I hope that you will continue to benefit from my blog, I think that the best therapist in the world will always be you! Yes, you!

It is very easy to firstly always expect other people to help you or feel that you are unable to help yourself.
It is also very easy to get into the habit of spending all of your energy and time and resources that you have on other people.  In order to make them happy so that you can feel happy and fulfilled.
So today is the day to focus on you.
You are the best expert on you.  You know yourself and your needs and wants better than anyone else.  So it is time to trust and believe in you!
As Dr Seuss says, “Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive that is youer than YOU.”

So, my first question to you is what makes you worthy?
In other words, why are you important? What can you contribute to your world that is special and unique?
Try to think of at least 5 reasons that makes you worthy.

Now, that you know how worthy you are, what are you going to start doing for you?
Not for your kids, not for your family, not for anyone else except for you.  How are you going to look after yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Today may be the day that you choose to go for a massage.  It may be a yoga and healthy salad day.  But it may be a gooey, moist chocolate cake (recipe to follow) and cappuccino kind of day.  As long as it is about you and making yourself happy.  It is a mini holiday from your stressful life.  And I am sure that we can all use a holiday.

Once you have the answers to these questions, write them down and put them in a prominent place.  Write them in your diary, stick them on your fridge, pin them next to your computer screen where you can see them often and commit to doing something amazing for yourself.

Because you are so, so worth it!