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So, today there was a big discussion during my group session (actually, let’s be honest, it was an argument) about what you should do if things aren’t working out according to plan.
The argument escalated hugely when it turned to the topic of marriage and one particular gentleman (and I’m being very nice here) said that all marriage problems could be attributed to the wife.  He was not very popular after that!
The group was quite split on what was the ‘correct’ thing to do about ongoing issues though.
Some people said that it is better to give up and walk away and then start again.  Our friendly gentleman said, dump the wife and find another one.  Yes, okay then, moving on…. The others said that you need to keep trying and persist until you reach a solution.
My feeling is that it can go either way.
Your challenge is going to be to figure out which is the best solution for you.
Staying and trying, or moving on and starting again.

I do think that you should try.  And I think that you should try again.
But there has to come a time when you say that you have tried enough.  That there’s a time when you have done all that you could have done and now it is time to walk away.
It probably takes more strength to walk away because it is going to take a lot of effort to start again.
It is going to mean that you need to step out of your comfort zone and change!

Stop fighting change.  Stop driving yourself crazy by being stuck in a situation that is not working for you.
If you have tried everything, now is the time to change and you are the only person who can make that positive change that is going to work for you.
The thing is that you are going to have to be brave.
You can do this!
You can be strong enough to make changes in your life.
And even though that journey is going to be difficult, it is going to be so worth it when your life becomes so much better!