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My son has not been well and today he had to go to the doctor – a new doctor.
He was terrified in case she had a chainsaw (yes, that was what he said!) and even worse than a chainsaw was the idea of having to have his blood taken.
He sat shaking in the waiting room until he saw that the doctor was quite a sweet, gentle lady.
That was until she said that she wanted to give him an injection. He very impolitely declined her kind offer!
But by the time the appointment was over, he walked out with a smile on his face and said that she wasn’t so bad after all.

Things are almost always worse in your imagination.
You create stories in your mind about what you think will happen and usually, those thoughts are based on negativity and fears.
They are based on irrational thoughts.

I challenge you to try to change your negative “what if” thoughts into positive “what if” thoughts.
What if things worked out?
What if things ended up being better than you imagined?
What if the end result is brilliant?
What if you succeed?

Don’t allow yourself to always expect the worst because you are trying to protect yourself – so that if you fail, you can tell yourself that you knew that you would fail.
Tell yourself that you are going to succeed.  Tell yourself that it is going to be OK.
And even if it is not OK, you have no idea where this journey is taking you.
And while it may not feel OK right now,  something is going to come out of all of this – and you are going to end up being stronger and happier for having overcome this.

In the meantime, have faith in yourself, believe in the best – because you can do this!