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Let me tell you something, I know about anxiety.
And not from books.
I deal with my own anxiety at times but my youngest son has anxiety that can be debilitating at times.
Yesterday, I sat with him and held his hand while he faced one of his biggest fears – going to the dentist.
And it was not just a gentle visit, he needed major work done.
It was horrible!  And that was just for me!
But afterwards, he was almost on a high.  Adrenalin probably had a lot to do with that high but it was also pure elation that he had conquered his fear and survived too.
He was so proud of himself and he had some great ‘war stories’ and a scary looking tooth to show his friends at school.

I was so inspired by my son and his bravery.
And it made me think about how much fear holds us back from reaching our full potential, when all you need to do is take a really, really deep breath and just face your fear.
You will be astounded at how much you can really do if you are brave enough to try.
You are preventing yourself from doing so many amazing things and taking big steps forward because you fear what might go wrong, rather than trusting in what go right.
Trust me, it is never as scary as it seems in your head!

I know that you are brave enough and I think that in your heart, you know that too.
You just have to believe in you.
I do!