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I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time this week speaking to call centre agents.
Actually let’s be honest, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time this week shouting at, pleading with and arguing with call centre agents.
Firstly, I have nothing against call centre agents, and if you are one, you have my utmost respect because I think that it is honestly one of the hardest jobs in the world – especially if you have to deal with impatient people like me.
The thing is that when I make that call, I am usually stressed because I need to sort out something that isn’t working – otherwise I wouldn’t be needing to call in, would I? And that makes me a little bit intolerant and irritable to start with, but if you are rude to me, then that is not going to help to resolve the issue much is it?

What is amazing is that there is such a difference between the way I have been treated by the people that I have spoken to this week.  Some people are so polite and helpful and others are just downright rude and show little interest in trying to help me.

It is said that how people treat you is a direct result of how they feel about themselves.
So that leads me to believe that a call centre agent who is rude to me, has got issues that have got absolutely nothing to do with me.  And the important thing is that when I put the phone down, I don’t take the negative service that I received personally. And I definitely shouldn’t say that the entire company is terrible or that they generally give poor service because of one person’s attitude.

How often do we take it so personally when people treat us badly or insult us?
Unless you know that you had done something to irritate that person – deliberately or non-deliberately – it is NOT about you!
Your happiness or friendliness might even irritate that person because they feel so low about themselves that your good mood threatens them, or makes them jealous.
Rather than worry about how others treat you – spend your energy looking inwards.
Look at how you treat others.  Focus on how you feel about yourself and how you would like others to feel when they are around you.

So, here’s my “revenge” plan and I’ve put it to good use today:
Treat everyone that you meet with respect;  treat strangers like long lost friends; smile at everyone;  ask somebody how they are and stop to really listen to the answer.
Yes, there may be negative, miserable people that we are going to encounter in our lives, but there are also people whose lives you may touch and even change – just by being you!