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A long time ago, in the olden days, as my kids would say, when I was still trying to decide on what career path to follow, I went for a career counseling session.
Don’t ask me how they figure out what career is the right one for you, but they told me that I should either be a photographer or a dentist!
So I became an Occupational Therapist!
And my lecturers from way back when would have been really proud of me if they knew that I decided on Occupational therapy because it was a good combination of science and art.  Also because it wasn’t physiotherapy and some of you may know that story.
If you don’t, I’ll keep it for another day.

It is interesting that although I never imagined myself as a photographer, I tend to see things almost as through I’m looking through a lens.
I see “perfect” shots while I am driving and I wish I could freeze those moments.  I notice the subtle shifts in colours of the jacaranda trees that line the road in November.  I see beautiful moments like the woman going up the escalator who had a bunch of pink balloons or a group of school girls dancing on the pavement while waiting for their bus.
It is the wonderful moments like these that make me want to be a photographer but even more, it is those moments that give me a break from worrying about things that I have to get done, bills that I have to pay, reports that I have to write and the many other things that constantly occupy my mind and often make me feel stressed.

It is so important to have moments of creativity in your lives.  They give you the “mini-breaks” that your brain so desperately needs.
It takes you away from the ‘science’ and the analysis that is constantly expected of us in order to function in this fast paced world.
Each person needs to find that creativity and space for themselves.
My elder son likes to do homework with music for company and to keep him focused.  Yet my younger son needs total silence but lots of colours in his books.  He needs to doodle constantly.  The more he doodles, the more likely he is to recall what he needs to learn.

Find your moments of creativity.  Whether it is in your job or your studying, in your daily routine or the chores that you have to do at home.
Notice beautiful and interesting things around you.  Take time to watch the sky changing, notice colour.

I promise you that those moments will change the way that you feel about your life and your stress will become a little more manageable.
Let me know what works for you…