These past few weeks have been horrible to say the least.
I think that it is partly end of year exhaustion, also increased responsibilities – especially financially and then dealing with exams (my kids writing exams, which in think is actually more stressful than if I was writing them myself) plus what seems like a million things on my to do list.

Not only did I almost allow myself to sink into a pity party for one, but my immune system decided to take a rest from action and I developed a horrible skin condition.
Lesson number one: if you ignore stress, and it doesn’t affect you emotionally, it will definitely affect you physically, which will then affect you emotionally in the end anyway.

This may sound like a bit of a crazy idea but the one thing that always works for me to make me feel a little better about my life and all its challenges is to watch sad videos on YouTube.
Some of those videos really put things in perspective.  First of all, it amazes me how strong some people are.  It seems impossible that you could make it through difficult situations but you never know how strong you are until you actually go through something.  More importantly,  when I watch those videos, I count every single one of my blessings that I have in my life.
Because when my life seems so overwhelmingly difficult, it is absolutely nothing compared to what some people are going through.
It makes you realise that you have so much more than a lot of people have.  And even if my kids drive me mad because they are not taking their studies seriously enough, I come to realise that I am blessed to have healthy children who have the ability and strength of character to argue with me.

And then that leads me to the time to take a break.  To leave some of the ‘million’ items on the list for next week, to ask for help, to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, rather than swallowing it on the run.  And even better, that tea should be enjoyed with a delicious, home baked chocolate ‘smores’ cupcake (recipe to follow) because we all know that chocolate makes everything just that little bit better!