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I don’t believe in fate or karma or even serendipity, at least I don’t think that I believe in them but I am never really too sure either.
I tend to think that life is much more random than that.
I certainly don’t believe that there is a grand puppet master somewhere that is determining who gets a good life and who gets the bad.  Who has good experiences, and who has bad.
But there are definitely times when I do question all of that.  Sometimes,  it seems that I am stuck in an endless cycle of negativity.  It just feels like I am moving from one challenge to the next. (Nice euphemism that – challenge!  Someitmes a string of nasty words describes it more aptly)
And then all of a sudden, just like that, something good happens and the cycle seems to swing in the opposite direction.
Moving from one good thing to the next.
Life just seems to fall into place at the right time.

I really don’t have the answer to understanding how or why this happens.  And believe me, I spend a lot of time thinking about it.
What I do know is that attitude makes a big difference.
Maybe when life throws something difficult at you, you are so focused on wallowing in negativity that negativity is all you notice.
And when things are going well, you seem to think that life is all good and rose tinted.
But who gets up in the morning  and decides to put on those rose tinted glasses?  You!
Just as easily as you can put on dark glasses and wish the miserable day away.

So, no matter how life is treating you, it is going to your choice on whether you are going to notice the good side or the difficult part.
It might mean that you need to dig yourself out of a deep, dark and horrible pit to just be able to stand up.
Stand up! Step forward!
Do something different, somthing that is rose tinted and amazing.

I have been blessed to have had some amazing experiences this past week and I know that a lot of those experiences were purely due to me deciding to do something.  And not just thinking about it, but doing it!
You can and you will!
Don’t blame fate or karma.  Take responsibility for your happiness now.
You know that you are worth it.

I look forward to hearing about your adventures…