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This is the first post for 2014 and I seriously don’t know what happened to 2013.
I think that time goes faster as you get older… Do you remember time dragging on so slowly when you were young and counting the days until your next birthday?
I wish every one of you a wonderful, happy, healthy and successful 2014.

Except that we know differently, don’t we?
We know that there are going to be times this year that are not going to be wonderful or happy or healthy or successful.
And hopefully not all at the same time!
The great thing is that we made it through last year and we are going to make it through this year too!
Because if you learned from the unhappy, unhealthy and unsuccessful times of the last year and the years before that, you have to know (and if you don’t know, I’m telling you right now) that you are going to make it through this time too.
You made it before and you will do it again.
Because you are strong and amazing and you are a survivor.
You never really understand how strong and how brave you really are until you meet a challenge head on.

So let’s hope for the best, but more importantly, work for the best and strive for the best and then it is going to be great!
It is going to be a year for change, for new adventures, learning, growing and discovering – and we are going to do it together!
Please continue to share all of your moments with me – the good and the bad – I am honoured to have you here.