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Before I even start, my humblest apologies for the severe lack of blog last week.
There was a good reason for it – it was my son’s barmitzvah and I was essentially running around like a headless chicken with my stress levels elevated.  I was basically running on adrenalin.
And this week I am exhausted because I’ve run out of fuel but I’ll like to share some important lessons with you that came up for me in the past week.

1.  Some stress is good stress – it is not about terrible things happening to you. The world is not falling apart and it is all about amazing life experiences, yet it is still stressful.  I think that we tend to forget that.  When things are going badly, you wish that time away by hoping for better things but the reality is that there is always going to be stress – good or bad.  And you have to learn ways to manage your stress no matter what life is throwing at you.

2. Never be afraid to ask for help.  Nobody is going to say “wow, this amazing and you did it all yourself!”  It is not worth stressing over things that could get done by someone else, or with someone else’s support.

3. During stressful times, you need to learn to let go of the small things.  Focus on what is important, make lists to help you prioritise and leave the little, unimportant details for another time.

4. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Don’t have high expectations of who should be supporting you.  It hardly ever works out that way.  People are going to disappoint you and people are going to surprise you.  There are going to be people that make you angry and people who touch your heart with their kindness.  Accept it all gracefully.

5. You don’t need as much sleep as you think you do.  If you can’t sleep, stop worrying about it and rather get up and do something productive.  When your body really needs sleep, you’ll get it.

6. Time happens whether you like it or not.  It doesn’t matte how prepared or unprepared you are. When the time comes, things will happen.  And you will always look back in wonder at how you had managed.
You will manage, you will get through this!

Have a wonderful, restful weekend!