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I left work today and slowly made my way home.
I say slowly because for some reasons beyond my simple understanding, there is no electricity across a large area of the city, and therefore no working traffic lights.  And of course there lots of manic drivers who treat the traffic light free roads as their own personal race course – don’t mind me stopping to check that it is safe to go through the intersection!  This is Johannesburg after all.
I finally get home and surprise, surprise – there’s no electricity here either.  And I’m stumped.  I have work to do that needs a computer and I am in desperate need for a cup of tea.
For a few minutes, I wandered aimlessly around having a good old moan about the inconvenience.
What could I actually do?
Just sit? No, that would be lazy… Although if there’s nothing else that I could do, and it was out of my control, then why shouldn’t I just sit?
And suddenly the sun made an appearance so I sat in a spot of sunlight and just enjoyed it. (For those of you who are not in Johannesburg, we haven’t seen the sun for days now).
No tea? I opened the fridge and freezer to get inspiration and amazingly – some kind (or silly) person left an ice cream in their uneaten.  Problem solved!
I got to spend some quiet time just sitting in my sunny spot, ice cream in hand – nothing wrong with that!

There are going to always be times in life when things just don’t go our way.  And we can either fight it and feel stressed or we can choose to just go with it.
Often it is far more complicated than the electricity being out.
Life is not always going to go according to your plans and from my experience, it is going to go against you more than it is going to go with you.
But if you graciously accept things the way that they are, with little or no regret, you are more likely to succeed than if you are always fighting life.

When you get up in the morning, tell yourself that you are going to take life as it happens.
If you’re running late, so you’re running late.  Didn’t get that promotion? He didn’t call back? You didn’t pass that test?  It happens!
Move on, move forward – you may discover things that you never even thought possible if you allow yourself the opportunity to go with it, and grow with it too!