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People often ask me what it is like to do my job.
Lots of people say that I should write a book about my experiences at work.
And the most frequently asked question is:  “How do you cope in your job?”
The answer is easy: I love what I do!

Let me give you a little insight into my day.
This morning I started with a group session focused on anxiety management.  Good enough start until I told everyone that after the session, we would be making relaxing bath salts.
One of the members got up and walked out of the room.
OK. Bye….
A few minutes later and he is back – standing there in nothing much else other than a towel.
There were a lot of laughs and I asked him what he was doing.
“Getting ready for a bath!”
OK – please go and put your clothes on.
Another member of the group says “you all have to excuse him – he’s mad!”
“What are you then?” asks someone else.
“I’m not mad, I just have a neurological problem…”
The door opens again – naked man is back, now dripping water all over the floor.
“I’ve been waiting for my bath salts but you never brought them to in to the bath for me!”

Let me tell you that not all days are like this and I can’t laugh at it on other days but I still love it.
Why do I love it?
Because although I work with ‘caterpillars’ I can see the ‘butterflies’ that they are becoming!
I get to see these amazing people transform from being depressed or anxious, manic and psychotic or just confused to becoming empowered, strong people.
And it is a real blessing to be able to do that.

No matter how big or small your challenge is, you are going to fly out of it magnificently.  No matter how tough it is, and no matter if you can’t even start to imagine getting through this – you will!  And you will marvel at the fact that you ever wondered how you would make it through.
Because if the naked man waiting for his bath salts is going to get there – then you will too!
Sometimes it takes longer than we want it to.
Sometimes it is just easier to be a caterpillar and never have to take any risks or deal with anything new.
Sometimes it is frustrating and scary and it feels like the world is going to end.
But little by little – one step at a time, you will look behind you and notice your wings and realise how amazing you truly are!