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Today is a holiday and I had told myself that no matter what, I was not going to work today.
That plan didn’t last very long because there was suddenly an emergency HIV intervention that I had to do, and then I thought that if I had to go to work, I might as well actually work.
I started my drive to work on unusually quiet streets having a good old moan that the streets being so quiet meant that I had to have been one of the only people in the entire city who was working.
Then I started to appreciate the quieter drive and I turned up the music (George Winston) and smiled.
Of course!
Aren’t I almost exactly in the middle of my 100 happy days project?
So, of course it wasn’t great to have to work on a holiday and I would have really enjoyed a lie-in this morning. But the roads were peaceful; the patients who thought that they were not going to see me for 3 days were grateful that I was there and the real bonus was that I didn’t have to do all the house work!

When I signed up for the 100 happy days project, they said that if you committed to the project, you would start to see things more positively and would therefore be more positive about life in general.
Is it working?
I definitely think it is. Even if I have to sometimes force myself to look beyond the stress just because I am thinking about what I am going to enter into my happy days journal.
Looking for what makes you happy just lifts the stress a bit. It makes you focus on the moment – it is not about ‘when will I be happy?’, or ‘what do I need to have in order to be happy?’ but rather ‘what do I have right now that is making me happy?’
It makes you truly grateful for what you have rather than just yearning for what you want.
And today, if nothing else, I was truly grateful to have a job to go to, even on a holiday, that keeps me happy and fulfilled.

Start opening your eyes to the immense about of happy things happening all around you – it is really worth it!