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So this is the first time that I’ve written a blog from a plane, so we will call it a flying blog.  And written with a muse too- a man called Marcus who happened to be sitting next to me on the flight and needed to read this over my shoulder while I was writing – hello Marcus!
Usually I’m much more grounded!
In more than one sense of the word. Usually I’m more responsible and my role is to be provider and caregiver and of course therapist.
While I missed my family and yes, even my patients, I have enjoyed spending time not having to answer to anyone, not having any routine or having to plan ahead much.  It has been great although I’m not sure that I could maintain the gypsy lifestyle for much longer.  Actually, I couldn’t take it another day!  So here I am on my way home…
I have learned so much on this trip.
I have learned that I can walk further than I thought I could, with less food in my body than I thought I needed (and no chocolate).
It is quite amazing how much it is actually possible to do in a different environment.
What is most different is that there is a lack of stress.
I know that I am meant to be a stress expert but it was truly amazing to be able to recognise how much healthier I was when I was in a stress free environment and how much stress affects my health on a day to day basis.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to achieve endless goals, we are always under pressure. It is no wonder that so many people end up consulting me who have no idea how stressed they were until they were really ill.  Yes I’m talking about admission to the psychiatric ward.
We all need to listen to our bodies, to really pay attention to the signs and symptoms that are our constant companions that should really not be there at all.
You should not have headaches all of the time.  Constant neck tension is not normal.  Changes in appetite, sleep and mood are huge warning signs that something is not OK.
Don’t accept ill health as the norm.  Don’t keep running to the doctor for medication when there is a good chance (yes, admit it!) that you are stressed, burned out and anxious.

You only have one life. Make it worth it because you are worth it.
You deserve happiness and health.
You really do!