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We are in the dreaded time of the year of Parent Teacher conferences.  I dread them because of course I think that my kids are wonderful and I fear hearing something different – which is bound to happen.
We were fortunate to hear only good things about my son this week, but I am not convinced that things are going to go as well next week, when it is my younger son’s chance.
He doesn’t necessarily do things the way that his teachers would like things done.
There is always a huge pressure to be the perfect parent with a wonderful child.
Yet no two people are alike, no matter how they are brought up.  Everybody has their own unique talent and it is not necessarily going to be recognised or understood.
I frequently have to remind myself of this fact.

We have this need to do things correctly, to be as perfect as possible, to fit in with the crowd or what is considered the norm.
We constantly seek validation from others to see that we are on the “right” path.  We want recognition and acknowledgement and often the material payback too – an increase in salary, a promotion, an award wouldn’t really be amiss would it?

You have to understand that success is not material.
You can be brilliant without the reward, you can excel without the recognition.
Yes, it is not easy but you don’t need validation from anyone!
You have a divine and unique purpose and there are going to be people in your life who don’t realise or appreciate that.
It doesn’t matter!
You are perfectly imperfect just the way that you are.
You are talented and skilled in your own way.  You do not need anybody to recognise that but rather you need to nurture yourself – praise yourself, make decisions that work for you.
Look for the best in you rather than compare yourself to others.
Once you do this, you will notice a sense of calm in your life – a sense of acceptance and you will feel amazing for it!