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On the 20th of January this year, I embarked on a journey to document 100 happy days.
It has taken me longer than 100 days to get this far but here I am, almost done with photographing 100 happy moments in my life.
I am so blessed and privileged to have had some moments in these 100 days that were much more than happy.  They were hugely exciting and life changing.
But I also had days that were quite mundane but still happy because of simple things like being greeted at the door every day after work by my excitable dogs, or eating food that makes me happy and just appreciating simple things.
I noticed that there were so many things going on around me that I would often overlook.  Or I would be so caught up in my stress and worrying about getting things done that I never noticed some truly amazing things happening.  Sometimes they were random, coincidental things and sometimes I had to put a lot of effort into creating something happy (like forcing myself to eat a chocolate!)

So the big question is:
Was this project life changing for me?
I wouldn’t say that it was hugely life changing but it definitely put a positive spin on my routine.  I started to get more excited about small things and not so bogged down by the small stressors that turned out to be quite insignificant and situational.
My attitude definitely improved and I feel calmer and happier for it.
Not jumping up and down, over-excited kind of happy, but just more content in what blessings surround me.

If you haven’t tried any positive thinking projects, I would highly recommend that you choose one to commit to.  Whether it is documenting 100 happy days; working on being more positive for a month (or even a week) or keeping a gratitude journal, you are likely to be in a more positive space for doing it.

I feel quite sad that my project is almost over – it has become an important part of my life, so being true to me, I need to find a new project.  I’m always up to something creative but I decided to challenge myself a bit by taking on some sewing projects (if my High School Home Economics teacher is reading this, she would surely fall right off her chair!).
That is just a small detour from the next big project which is a Random Acts of Kindness project – so watch this space!

Please let me know how your life has changed by being more positive. I would love to hear your story.