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Since our lives and routines are still so full of the World Cup, I thought I would share a few insights that I have learned while watching soccer (or football if you wish) with some help from my son.
What can we actually learn from soccer that applies to life? Quite a lot when you think about it.

If you’re having a bad day, don’t bite anyone!
Just because you are frustrated, you shouldn’t take it out on anyone else. Find a way to deal with your frustration that allows you to let it go without hurting anyone else (physically, emotionally or spiritually) in the process.

If you’re slightly hurt, there is no need to act out
Nobody likes a drama queen.  Everyone has bad days, everybody gets stressed.  There is no need to tell the whole world out loud about how terrible your life is.  You don’t need to post it on Facebook or be passive aggressive about it.  Look inwards and find better ways of coping without the need for having everyone around you feeling sorry for you.

If you are actually badly hurt then by all means scream and shout and perform
If you feel that your stress, depression or anxiety is getting to a point where you can’t manage it on your own, shout out loudly for help. And make sure that you get that help.

Don’t waste time blaming somebody else for your fall
It may be their fault, it may not be.  But all the energy and time you spend blaming them is wasting time and energy that you could rather spend building yourself up.

Sometimes even the greatest players or teams fail
We all make mistakes, we all fail.  But make that failure matter by learning from it and moving in a new direction rather than digging yourself into a hole of self pity.

Be a good sport
Be proud of other people’s achievements.  It doesn’t mean that you are a failure just because somebody else has succeeded. You could learn from them and their success may push you in the right direction too.

Keep your eye on the ball
Never lose focus of your goals and dreams.  It is easy to let the routine of life distract you from where you want to be.
Go out and be brilliant!