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When I was younger, much younger, we used to love writing slogans on our books… Kind of like the non-rebellious person’s graffiti.
One of my favourites was “stop the world, I want to get off”
I thought that it was so clever and funny at the time, because the stress that I felt at high school was probably the worst stress that anyone could feel.
Well, wouldn’t it have been great if I could have seen into the future and realised that the stress that you experience as a teenager is nothing like what you deal with as an adult (in most cases anyway).
Now as adults, we really want to get off this chaotic ride that we call life!
We feel like we don’t want to be grown up and don’t want to have to take responsibility for anything or anyone.  We don’t want to have to think and make decisions that could have potentially detrimental effects on ourselves or others.
We constantly long for holidays or breaks but then often spend those times dreading going back to the “real world”.
And most people just live from weekend to weekend.

We can’t get off this world, or just check out of life.
But we can do things differently though.  Because if life is not working out for you and you constantly want to run away, it is time for a new perspective.
Yes, change is scary! But is it worse than being stuck in the same situation where you feel overwhelmed and undermined?
Do things differently even if can’t change your current situation.
Change your attitude, believe in yourself and your resilience.
Give yourself a chance! You may look back at your stressed out self one day and smile that you ever thought that it was a problem!