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I am absolutely exhausted!
My son was ill all through the night and I didn’t get much sleep.  So today has been a slow one – I can feel that I’m not working to my fullest potential and I am falling behind in my work as I write this.
But it is OK.

Earlier in the week, I was running late for work and as I finally managed to get through the front door to be on my way, a friend of mine arrived at my door to drop something off for me. Delay number 2… I sighed and then tried to tell them as politely as possible that I couldn’t chat because I was late.  I still had to pick up my laundry on the way to work and when I got there, what a surprise, it wasn’t ready and the lady asked me to wait while she ironed the last two items.  Delay number 3… Finally, on my way and there was construction work on the road and traffic came to a standstill.  Delay number 4!
But it was OK!

It was OK because I really believe that things happen for a reason.  And on that particular day, there was some reason why I was meant to be late for work.  I don’t know why or if there even was a reason but I took a deep breath and realised that if it was out of my control, then stressing about it would hardly solve anything.
It felt like it was: Universe 1 – Me 0!
Yet, I calmly accepted it because there are going to be times in our lives, whether it is as simple as being late for work or as complex as a major life stressor, when we just don’t have control and we need to accept that.
There has to be a greater purpose out there that we just don’t have the ability to see in the present.

Let life take you where it is going to take you – but that doesn’t mean that you need to be a passive passenger.  It may not go according to your original plans but you still have the ability to take what life throws at you and work it in your own unique way.
Even if it is just a lesson in humility or gratitude.
You are more blessed than you realise!