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There is a solution to every problem!
Sometimes it really may not feel that way at all.  It may feel that everything is impossible and that you are just stuck. No matter how hard you try, things never seem to work out for you.
Stop right there!
There is a solution to every problem, but that solution is difficult to find for a number of reasons:
Firstly, we are brilliant at sticking with what is familiar.  If you keep on doing what is familiar and don’t try anything new, how are you going to discover new pathways and potential solutions to your problems?
Secondly, we say “I can’t” to the things that really scare us. It is so much easier to say “I can’t!” than to really confront the real issue.  And that is the issue of why you are stuck.  It is often the ugly, horrible stuff that is easier to sweep under the carpet than to stare it in the face and say “I’m ready to deal with this, no matter how much it scares me.”
Sometimes the solution is right in front of us but we don’t recognise it at all. Life can be so stressful and overwhelming that we only focus on the negative and only recognise the “bad” when something good might be right there. But we don’t think that we deserve it, or we doubt our ability to be content so we just ignore it and plod on with our usual existence.
And sometimes the solution is so, so far beyond that which we thought was our life plan that we are terrified of going on that new path.  It may be fear, it may be doubt or it may even be pure stubbornness that stops us from reaching for greatness.

Try to give new ideas a chance, try something totally different, take risks without letting the fear of negative consequences stop you from reaching your amazing potential.
So many great things might be just around the corner.
You just have to be brave enough to take that turn.
Throw away the blinkers, jump in and see what adventures await you.