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One of the reasons that we live in South Africa, at least according to my kids, is that it is a really safe county.
Before you laugh at that statement (yes, I’m aware that I live in one of the murder capitals of the world), my kids are talking about living in a place where you are highly unlikely to be affected by a natural disaster.  So, no tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis or earthquakes for us.
Or so we thought, until this week Tuesday when our world was rocked by an earthquake in Johannesburg.
We were truly blessed to have no damage to our home at all so it was actually a bit exciting because we had never experienced anything like that before – riding the shaking floor.
And of course, because this is me, some lessons had to come out of it.

Most importantly, and on a very practical level, I’ve just read bad news after bad news articles and suddenly, the earthquake gave us something else to talk about.  It seemed to diffuse some of the tension in the air.  Things literally shifted.
There was great excitement and a common subject for everyone to talk about. No matter who you are or what your story is, the conversation was suddenly about everyone’s personal experiences.

One of my son’s greatest fears is earthquakes and we always tell him not to be ridiculous because there is no way that there is going to be an earthquake where we live.
Expect the unexpected!
It left him quite traumatised but now he is walking around feeling like a hero who survived something ‘terrible’.
Most people’s fears are about the unknown and we have no idea of how we would cope if our fears were realised.  But there is really no purpose in stressing about the unknown.  It is exactly that: the unknown.  If it happens to you, you will deal with it when it happens.  You can have all kinds of plans about what you’ll do but you will never know until you are in it.  And you would probably never have guessed that you would have the ability to survive the unthinkable.

I know this sounds terribly cliched but sometimes you need to be shaken, to be jolted into doing something different.
It is more than easy to stay in your comfort zone and not try anything different.  For those who are not brave enough to take risks, life is somehow going to find some way of throwing those risks at you.
And you know something? You are going to be amazing when the shaking stops and you see a clear path to your new destination.