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This week, we were all so saddened to hear about the death of Robin Williams.
It was even more poignant because of the way that he died.  I read a brilliantly written piece that said that he didn’t die by suicide, he died from depression.
That is so true.
I think that people often don’t realise how devastating depression can be and the one legacy that Mr Williams will hopefully leave for us is not just his amazing comedy and acting ability but also for more people to understand that depression can affect everybody and anybody.
If a person looks happy and well on the outside, we have no idea what is going on inside.  Hopefully this will raise an awareness and increase tolerance.

The one character that Mr Williams played that will probably be the one that I will remember him most for was Patch Adams.  Particularly because that inspired me to learn more about Patch and eventually I had the great opportunity to meet him a few years ago.
Patch Adams was one of the people who inspired the idea of laughter being the best medicine and through his clowning (and medical) skills, he has done amazing work.
If you haven’t seen the movie, or heard of Patch Adams, have a look at this great clip here.

In these difficult times, we should be laughing more.  I know that sounds like a contradiction!
No, you shouldn’t laugh at your problems – they are not funny.
But you should find laughter in other things.
On Wednesday, I was in a bad mood and I was tired and all I wanted to do in the evening was have a nice bath and get into my pyjamas and hibernate.  My husband had other plans, and he convinced me to come out with him to a comedy club.
For those of you living in Johannesburg, it is absolutely worth visiting Parker’s Comedy and Jive
After moaning in the car all the way there about how I would rather be at home in my pyjamas, I had an amazing evening.  More than anything it was because I just spent the evening laughing and it was so good for my soul.

Please try to find the laughter, be good to your soul – no matter how tough things are, there is always something to smile about!
Share a joke with somebody, browse the comedy sites online, visit a comedy club, watch a funny movie.
Life is serious enough already!