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I went to an amazing conference last weekend and one of the things that really struck me about the people that I met and the speakers that I heard was that so many of those people live a multidimensional life.
By that I mean that there are people who really don’t have defined careers.
They are qualified in one thing, work in something else and then still do another thing in their “spare time”.
Sometimes, they do far more than that.
And that is on top of the usual multidimensional life that they are already living by working, being family members, belonging to a certain group or culture and somehow fitting into the world.

The more I think about this idea of being multidimensional, and of how much I do in my life, the more it sits well with me.
We spend so much time and energy trying to fit in and trying to justify that what we are doing is right.
I meet working mothers who feel guilty for not staying at home; stay at home mothers who feel guilty about not working; people who are working in careers that have nothing to do with what they have studied; people who can’t settle in one career and need to move every few years; people who are more excited by their hobbies than their jobs…
The list goes on.

We would all be so much happier if we just allowed ourselves to really do what makes us happy.  Rather than trying to fit in, or live according to other’s expectations of us.
Just be you!
Do what you want to do, create more opportunities to do the things that fulfill you and make you happy.
You may think that you don’t have the time to do these things but you will find yourself so much more energised in your life when you are happy doing things that you want to do.
You don’t need as much sleep as you think you do (6-8 hours is plenty for an adult), you don’t need to watch as much television as you think you do, you don’t need to waste time just staring out of the window wishing that your life would be better.
Do it! Create it!
You are so worthy!