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I am neither a lawyer nor a judge, nor do I have any desire what so ever to take on either of those professions.
But I do have something to say about the Oscar Pistorius case as we sit with bated breath waiting for final judgement.
As I write this, Oscar has been found not guilty for murder but still may be found guilty for culpable homicide which brings me to my case:
A split second decision could ruin your life forever.
I truly feel sorry for Oscar when I see him sitting there in that court waiting for judgement because he is going to have to face the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life, no matter what the outcome of the case is.

Please know and understand that when you are stressed and overwhelmed, it is easy to make mistakes.
I don’t want you to get stressed about this but really understand the importance of learning to manage your stress and sometimes, more importantly, having control over your anger.

We all get angry.  Some of us get more angry than others; some bottle it in and some just rage; some express it verbally while some express it physically.
Just remember that anger is energy and you can use it destructively or you can use it creatively.
There are many ways to help yourself deal with the horrible physical symptoms of anger including exercising to burn off that energy, take up a hobby that uses energy (and not too many tools that could be harmful), do something to creatively express yourself.
Learn to breathe deeply and calmly, find something positive to redirect your energy, laugh at something!

When you feel angry or very anxious, do your best to have a plan of action of how to deal with it in place:
What calms you down?
How can you express yourself in a more positive, productive way?
When you feel like acting on your anger, is there something that you can do to walk away?

A quote that I love from Gautama Buddha is:
“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Your life is worth so much more than just allowing yourself to get burned!