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First of all, sorry for sending this out late – it is all my husband’s fault!  And he even gave me permission to blame him.
I usually write my blog on a Friday morning and this morning instead of writing, I had a leisurely breakfast with my husband.  So, although it affected my Friday routine, the breakfast was good for my soul.

But Arrr! Me hearties, today happens to be International Talk like a Pirate Day.
Not to be confused with the awesome South African Football team Orlando Pirates who make you want to shout out Up the Bucssss! Rather than Shiver me Timbers!
Besides walking around talking like a pirate today, we should try to be a little more “pirate-like” and if it works for you, then keep it up…

Pirates never give up on looking for their treasure:
If they could keep motivated across stormy seas and at risk of life and limb, we should be mindful to keep focused on our goals and no matter what gets thrown in our path, we shouldn’t allow it to prevent us from getting to where we want to be.

Pirates need to work together to achieve their goal:
Even the greatest pirates needed a good crew behind them.
Find your own crew to stand behind you – people who are going to support you and cheerlead you and generally be there for you. (If you don’t have a good crew, make them walk the plank and find a crew who will be there for you!)

Pirates are not afraid to do things differently:
A lot of pirates were trained as professional merchant sailors but working conditions were terrible and they broke away to do things their own way.  They earned more money and had more job protection as pirates.
If you feel that you don’t fit into the place that you are in or it is really not working for you, you need to break away and do things the way you feel is right for you – even if it seems to go against the grain and against other people’s expectations of you.
Take what you can get from where you are, learn from it and use it to make the next step even better for you.

When a pirate finds the treasure that they are looking for, they celebrate it
Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements – reward yourself for achieving goals, no matter how small they are.  For some people, just making it through the day is an achievement worthy of a celebration.  It can be something really small like going to bed early with a good book, or just sitting on your own for a few minutes with a cup of tea.  You’ll feel great for doing it.

Have an excellent day ‘n a restful shore leave
And ye may lay to that!

(Or for the English speakers:
Have an excellent day and a restful weekend
Yes we will!)